Party Time!

If you are interested in renting out the space for a non-birthday party event or on-going use such as teaching a dance class, a book group, or any other purpose, please contact me directly to discuss prices and availablity. 

Birthday Parties!

Rent this beautiful art space for your child's birthday! The preschool-room is a beautiful fun, open, kid-friendly space to host your child's birthday. This is a large, 950 square foot room with all kinds of fun to be had. Toys, Big Blocks, bouncy horse, and the sensory rice bowl will be available for kids to play with. There are ample tables and chairs for kiddos, a large adult-sized table for cake/food/gifts, and a handful of adult-sized chairs. Bring whatever food, cake, and beverages you would like without restriction! There is always a microwave available and other food prep items may be available on request. Bring the friends and family, and have fun!  

We have options for decorations, arts, crafts, and cleaning below. Check them out and create the birthday experience that works best for you.

 Rent The Space ($45/hour)

We open the door for you, and you do the rest! The room will be clean and ready for your party. The Rice Bowl, Bouncy Horse, Black Board, Buckets of Toys, and Big Blocks, will all be available to play with. 

Access to Art Supplies and the Imagination Station ($40) 

With this addition you will have a freshly stocked painting wall, access to a full ream of white paper, a giant stack of colorful construction paper, crayons, makers, colored pencils, and water colors. We will also open the imagination station - a creation area filled with reused items, sequins, beads, noodles, yarn, ribbon, popsicle sticks, glue, scissors, paper, and more.  

Custom Craft ($45)

Add a custom craft to your party! I will provide the necessary materials and instructions to help you lead a custom craft activity for your young guests! We can talk beforehand to chose a craft that fits with your party theme or your child's current interests. Examples are: Fairy wand, princess hat/crown, masks, puppets, mobiles, giant paper flowers,  - there are so many fun things to create that your guests can take home and enjoy. 

Decorations, Generic ($40) 

If you need decorations, we have decorations! We will blow up 20 balloons to fill the room with the kind of joy only balloons can bring (non-helium - extra charge for helium). Let the the kids to kick, throw, and play with them, and then take home (if you'd like). We'll also provide streamers, strands of lights, circular paper fans and a happy-birthday garland. These are generic decorations that can be color coordinated, but are NOT themed such as "monster" or "princess." 

 Themed Party($50-$150)

If your child wants a themed birthday party, we can do that! Let me know at least two weeks ahead of time and we can provide themed creations. We will discuss what you are looking for, and the price will be dependent on the complexity of your request (for example, capes/masks or princess tutus for the kids to wear (and keep!) would be on the higher end, while simply themed decor would be less expensive but still super fun)

Cleaning ($50) 

Things can get messy! If you want to make sure everything is put away, table tops/chairs are wiped down, and the floor is swept up then there will be no cleaning fee. However, if you don't want to worry about clean up, then leave it to me! For a $40 cleaning fee leave the mess and I'll do the rest. 

Party Host ($50/hour)

One of our amazing instructors will collaborate with you to plan out the perfect party, and then they'll help make sure it happens! We will help keep the party flowing from activity to activity, do general upkeep (wiping up spills, setting up plates and napkins, sweeping up rice, etc.) and, if you choose to do a craft we will lead the creation of that craft!