Portland Preschool of the Arts

Drop-off Babysitting

We always have watercolors and as much paper as kids want available!

We always have watercolors and as much paper as kids want available!

Date Night! Saturdays 5:30 - 8:00  

Date Night is Not Available for Sat. August 24th as there will be a Private Event.

See You Next Time!

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Did you know we have an after school program for kids ages 5-13 called The Hangout? It’s super awesome - and it hosts our scheduling software! So don’t worry, you’re in the right place when you click to sign up with the link above!

Parents, treat yourself to a night out! Drop your kiddos off  at the preschool to dance, play, and create before they snuggle-up, wind-down and watch a movie. Every Saturday from 5:30 - 8:00 we host Date Night; a time for you to get away and have some of that oh-so-important adult time.  

  • Children ages 3-5 years-old are welcome.

  • Pizza and fruit are provided for kids (please bring a snack for your child if they have allergies or have very particular tastes in food)

If your child is in diapers please stay close-by as we will need to call you in if there is a diaper emergency. There are many wonderful restaurants and food carts within walking distance of the preschool! 

One Child - $25 +  Siblings $15/ each

Enrolled Students - $15 +  Siblings $10/each 

Tips accepted, not expected :) 

Saturday's don't work for you? Request a Night!  

We can provide date night services (2.5 hours of babysitting) most nights of the week if you have a group of 6 or more kids. Get together with your parent-friends on the day of your choice! Contact us for availability.