Portland Preschool of the Arts

The Learning Studio 

Welcome to our big beautiful art studio! Our space is a large open room of approximately 1,900 square feet with lots of natural light from our big front windows. It is sectioned off into spaces that allow for movement, relaxation, reading, imagination play, and messy, expressive art! Big soft white lights hang from the high ceilings and art from our students is displayed proudly on the walls. We have created a bright beautiful space with an open flow to allow for plenty of creativity and movement. Within this space we have many stations including the Movement room, Tree House, Labyrinth, Imagination Station, Drawing/Coloring, Big Blocks, the Light Table, a table with rotating materials such as clay, beads and string, mask making, pattern cards, stencils, and our group project table. 

Crystal and Bubba 


Bubba and Crystal are our class pets! They are sweet, playful bunnies who often roam around the classroom exploring and interacting like puppies. They needs calm and quiet  if the children want to pet him, so even our most rambunctious students get to enjoy practicing a moment of calm during "bunny time."  

Special Guests and Field Trips!

At the Portland Preschool of the Arts we want to bring our students a variety of experiences that will inspire joy and creative thought. With that in mind we love getting out on field trips and bringing in special guests! This year we went to the Apple Festival at the Portland Nursary, attended the Oregon Children's Theater to see The Hungry Caterpillar, went to see a Red Yarn performance, and had special musical musical guest Erin LaCerra come by for a special instrument demonstration! 

I will keep parents updated as I schedule guest visits. All students are welcome on days that we have a special guest, even if it is not on their regularly scheduled day.